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United Way Bay Area's Guide to Replicating SparkPoint

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United Way Bay Area’s Guide to Replicating SparkPoint for Student Success at Postsecondary Institutions

Program Resources

Program Resources includes resources and information on a few key aspects of SparkPoint, including:
  • Advisory and Steering Committees: Details that determine if your SparkPoint will be governed by a steering committee or supported through an advisory committee, as well as defining roles and responsibilities and membership makeup.
  • Financial Education: Information on what should be included in basic financial training content and recommendations on specific external training resources for coaching staff.
  • Family-Centered Coaching: Information on SparkPoint’s recommended coaching model.
  • Evaluation and Learning: Explains data roles and responsibilities, as well as supporting the build out of effective data collection and reporting processes.
  • Peer Learning: Reinforces the importance of peer learning and outlines learning opportunities tailored to specific audiences and needs.
  • SparkPoint Ambassador Program: A program that is utilized to incorporate client voice in shaping SparkPoint programming and strategy
  • Social Capital: Recommendations on building social capital opportunities for clients.
  • SparkPoint Operations and Procedures Manual: A tool that serves as an organized location for a center’s policies and procedures.
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