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United Way Bay Area's Guide to Replicating SparkPoint

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United Way Bay Area's Guide to Replicating SparkPoint

How to use this toolkit

The SparkPoint Toolkit is intended for postsecondary institutions to discover, plan, and build out a SparkPoint center that supports students, community members, and their families as they seek financial prosperity.

The SparkPoint Toolkit is divided into four sections: 

  • Discovery: Information about the SparkPoint model, United Way’s role, and a self-assessment to determine readiness to plan a SparkPoint at your institution
  • Planning: A comprehensive guide to planning a SparkPoint center, with tools and guiding questions to support the process
  • Program Resources: Resources and literature that is helpful once the program launches
  • Research: A collection of reports and research on SparkPoint’s model and impact

This website is a companion piece to the toolkit to make it easier to follow and user-friendly. It consists of pages devoted to the sections listed above, as well as a page dedicated to the tools and a direct link to the SparkPoint Readiness Assessment in SurveyMonkey. The pages will direct you to the relevant sections in the toolkit.

As you discover effective ways to apply these tools, please share your learnings with UWBA and its partners across the Bay Area by emailing us at

Toolkit Sections

United Way Bay Area

United Way Bay Area (UWBA) inspires and connects people to break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area by supporting both the short-term needs and long-term systems change.

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