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Our Partnership with Labor 

Since 1946, United Way Worldwide (UWW) and the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) have worked together to support workplace fundraising, payroll deductions and to operate the Community Services Liaison Program throughout the United States.

In 2016, this Partnership was reaffirmed and reinvigorated nationally. Together, Labor and United Way develop strategies and programs to reduce poverty, inequities, and inequality in our communities. Union members contribute to United Way’s community impact work here and across the country.

What We Do

  •  UWBA and Bay Area Labor Councils assist working families in time of crisis. Together we are currently responding to the economic impacts and hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic on union Works and their families.
  • UWBA and Labor share the common goal of an equitable Bay Area. Together, we envision a Bay Area where every member of the community has access to a quality education, fair wages, productive work opportunities, safe workplaces, a path to citizenship and accessible, affordable, quality healthcare. 
  • The Labor Community Services Liaison program is a comprehensive resource for working families. Labor Liaisons provide information and referral, direct hardship assistance, high-impact workforce programs, community organizing, immigration legal services and civic engagement opportunities. Liaisons are involved in or leading critical public policy work to increase economic security and access community benefits.
  • UWBA Community Services Liaison team consists of three Labor Liaisons who work with the San Francisco, San Mateo, and Contra Costa Central Labor Councils.

 Current Labor Initiatives
San Francisco County  
The We RISE SF Labor Center for Immigrant Justice provides one-stop legal and wraparound services to immigrant union members and their families in San Francisco County. Individual consultations and community events offer free assistance, including a step-by-step review of the naturalization process profession legal representation, help filing out applications, and referrals, to financial assistance and other community resources. Over the last three years, We RISE SF has served 11,450 union members and their families.
San Mateo County 
San Mateo Labor Community Services Trades Introduction Program (TIP San Mateo) is a construction apprenticeship readiness program designed to provide women, at risk youth, veterans, and underserved populations in San Mateo County a path to financial stability. TIP brings together the workforce board, labor unions, the community college district, and apprenticeship programs to provide a path to construction apprenticeships. To date 207 TIP graduates have been placed in construction apprenticeship programs.
Contra Costa County
The Contra Costa Labor Council in partnership with community partners, advocate for the county and cities to put racial equity and justice reinvestment at the forefront; by increasing community safety through alternative response programs and investing in community services; with the goal to bring lasting transformational change to produce more equitable, safe, and healthy communities for workers and their families.



  • Labor supports an overall workforce strategy that addresses the root causes of poverty, reduces inequity, raises job quality, and removes barriers to employment thru training, re training and skill upgrade.
  • Labor and UWBA were successful in the passage and implantation of thirty-one Minimum Wage Ordinances in the Bay Area, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Labor participates on Local workforce boards and recovery initiatives to create pathways to high road employment.


  • In response to massive COVID-19 related furloughs and layoffs and in partnership local food banks, union volunteers are distributing groceries to 1,600 families a month.

  • Labor Community Services provides over $150,000, each year in direct hardship assistance and wraparound referrals to over 350 union members and their families.

  • In partnership with UWBA, Labor connects hundreds of low-income Bay Area families to Earn Keep It, Save It, (EKS) tax preparation and filing services each year. 

  • The Labor Councils combined provided 10,500 COVID-19 Vaccines to union members.


  • Every year, Labor and workforce partners provide comprehensive information, referral and supportive services to workers facing unemployment.
  • In 2020, to help minimize the negative impacts of layoffs due to Covid-19, Labor Liaisons coordinated support services for over 5,000 workers and their families.

San Mateo County
Rayna Lehman  
Director, Labor Community Services
San Mateo Labor Council
UWBA Labor Liaison
San Mateo Central Labor Council
San Francisco County
Tom Ryan
Director, Labor Community Services
San Francisco Labor Council
UWBA Labor Liaison
San Francisco Central Labor Council
Contra Costa County
Traci Young
Director, Labor Community Services
Contra Costa Labor Council
UWBA Labor Liaison
Contra Costa, Central Labor Council

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