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Thank you for supporting UWBA’s Back-to-School Drive!

There are hundreds of thousands of Bay Area families that struggle to make ends meet and find it difficult to address the basic needs of their families. Among the most essential needs are school…


UWBA’s Business Pathways Summer Internship Program

Written by Mandy Lew Each summer, United Way Bay Area connects young people (16-24 years old), most of whom have had little work experience, from community-based organizations into internships with…


Paying Rent is Still a challenge Part 2 of a 3-part series

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog series, last year, United Way Bay Area worked closely with our community partners to coordinate outreach for the 2020 census count across the eight-counties we…


Celebrating and thanking Bay Area workers this Labor Day

I come from a union family: my great-grandfather organized workers in Chicago, my grandfathers were union electricians and mechanics, and my parents were public school union members. From them, I…


Dismantling Poverty Through Community Colleges

Sparky Harlan, the long-time CEO of Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara, CA, is the most dedicated leader housing homeless youth that I’ve come to know in my 25 years working in the nonprofit sector.…


Paying Rent is Still a challenge Part 1

Last year, United Way Bay Area worked closely with our community partners to coordinate outreach for the 2020 census count across the eight-counties we serve within the Bay Area region (Alameda,…

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