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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) (PDF)

How to GIVE to the Valley Medical Center Foundation (VMC)

How to Give to any 501C'3






Michelle Neighbors

Clerk of the Board

Joan Bereczky

Office of Pre-Trial Services

Leila Ochoa

Department of Child Support Services

Tamara Clark

Department of Parks and Recreation


Carie Lemus

County Fire

Taylor Cox

Office of the County Counsel

Conni Nicosia

Social Services Agency

Anita Casillas

Social Services Agency

Priscilla Aleman

Social Services Agency

Kathryn Pedroza

Social Services Agency

Han Duong

Social Services Agency

Marena Cortez

Social Services Agency

Jenny Yu

Social Services Agency

Lori Lammle

Office of the Assessor

Luisa Lennon

Valley Health Plan

Tracy Ellenberger

Santa Clara County Library District

Sheila Benabides

Department of Planning and Development

Melissa Belloso

Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency

Brenda Becerril

County Communications

Russell Davis

Office of the Sheriff

Renee Menchaca

Office of the Sheriff

Melissa Osborne

Office of the District Attorney

Dora McCasland

Office of the District Attorney

Magdalena Cruz

Employee Services Agency

Rae Quirante

Employee Services Agency

Mila Empaynado

Employee Services Agency

David Perez

Employee Services Agency

Lilia Chavez

Finance Agency

Rocio Renteria

Technology Services and Solutions

Michelle Jordan

Medical Examiner-Coroner

Corinna Aguilar

Medical Examiner-Coroner

Candace Garcia

Medical Examiner-Coroner

Anne Velasquez

Probation Department

Amy Sardella

Procurement Department

Pauline Leung

Office of the Public Defender

Iliena Hernandez

Registrar of Voters

Donna Zintak

Roads and Airports Department

Rosie Lopez

Health and Hospital System

Dana Reed

Office of Emergency Management

Rose Luerra

Office of the County Executive

Debra Burdsall

Valley Medical Center Foundation

Camie Vankeuren

Valley Medical Center Foundation

Campaign Lead: Steve Preminger 

Platform Support Lead: (Log in issues any questions about giving)
Robert Cruz  - United Way Bay Area

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